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 Smile in every direction of life
02.02.2018 08:28

This is the story that happened to me.
Ah qin, my junior high school classmate. She is a clever, pretty woman. After graduating from junior high school more than ten years ago, I didn't get a marriage license. I held a banquet in my hometown, and I went to work with my husband when I finished the banquet.
It was not long before he had a son. The husband is steadfast, the son is clever and lovely, a family of three, very sweet wine wset, very sweet.
A few years ago, her husband became seriously ill and was ill. When the husband died, he asked his wife to train her son to become an adult.
At this time, without the main economic source, he began to work on the construction site to make a living. Ah qin is a father and a mother, a mind only to raise his son.
The year before, my son and some friends went to bathe in the river and drowned. Finally, he became a lonely man.
How many people can bear the hardships of life and the hardships of life, like mountains and mountains? The person has no, the home has no, every day to face is the empty house, the body one person, the life has what significance?
I listen to the junior middle school classmate talk about her situation, but because many years have not seen the face, I am embarrassed to comfort her abruptly, so I have to convey my greetings to my classmates.
Later, I listen to the classmate say apartment rental, began to her every day, wash a face with a tear, photos of her husband and son all day long staring blankly, don't eat not to sleep for several days, was with her parents and relatives through the most difficult days, is now gradually from grief came out, find a job.
I met her in the street the other day, and she smiled and said, "thank you for your concern, and you should take care of yourself."
I nodded gratefully. "it's not easy to see you in good spirits."
She said: "yes, at first, I just die, just want to with his son to go to heaven with his father together, then see my parents advised me not to kill yourself crying, they eat with grief, I very distressed, I suddenly woke up, which is not the parents pride? When my son died, I was heartbroken, and I had a good body, so I went to die. What about my parents? How can I be worthy of my parents? How could I let them have the blackheads?"
I said: "yes, I thought, in our sick relatives, how much we hope that the patient can recover the body, even break at the bank, we try, the way is unable to retain the life of a loved one, how much more valuable is life? How can we have the heart to waste our lives?"
She nodded. "I can't be too selfish. So, I want to open, crying over is a day, smiling is also a day, rather than everyday crying, it is better to smile every day. Now I'm running a small shop in the street, buying little things, and doing it every day makes me feel like I have something to do Accpac system, and I don't have to dwell on the pain of the past.
Her words filled me with emotion, and I remembered the words I had seen there: "in prosperity, a smile is a reward for success. In adversity, a smile is a physical therapy for trauma.
Yes, a smile is a reward for success, a gratitude for good things, and we should smile.
Smile is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating our dark heart; Smile is like a spring breeze, warm our cold heart; Smile is like a clear spring, moistening our dry heart.
It's not hard to do that by smiling in prosperity, with a smile on your face.
But when people are in adversity, especially in despair, it is not easy to smile at it.
For in adversity, man has been blinded by difficulties and setbacks. He can see nothing, see no sunshine, no flowers, no clear springs. Only see the darkness, see only the weeds, see the dead water, see no hope, see only pain and despair.
But, is that what life is like? You throw in papaya, and you give it to qiongju, you put it in the peach, and you report it to qiong yao. Smile in every direction of life, even if it is a tribulation, but there will always be a day in the past, and eventually everything will be better and better.



 It's not useless, it's bad habit
02.02.2018 08:26

It is easy to understand, but it is difficult to follow the rules.
Habit is an important factor in the success of life. Goethe said, "it is better not to fantasize at sunset, but to act when the sun is rising." It is better to take one step and make it a habit.
Habit is a tenacious and powerful force, it can dominate life. No one has the ability to be superhuman in the first place, and no one can casually succeed. The secret of success lies in the habit of life.
Some say, "sow an action, reap a habit; Sow a habit and reap a character; Sow a character and reap a destiny. Habit is the foundation of life.
People live by habit. Studies have shown that more than 21 days of repetition can form a habit. 90 days of repetition can lead to a stable habit.
The same action, repeated 21 days will become habitual action; The same idea, repeated for 21 days, becomes a habitual thought. Once the habit is created, it will affect the subconscious and change your behavior unconsciously.
Lao tzu said, "the chief of staff has heard that he is diligent. The sergeant sniffed that if he died, "The corporal heard, laughing, not laughing."
Liang qichao was born in guangdong, where liang lived for nearly two hundred and fifty years before he was born. Liang qichao's great-grandfather and great-grandfather had been farming.
In those days no one do not understand reading earners uphold the truth, but it was not until the liang qichao's grandfather's generation, just beginning "to learn" spreading, implement the real truth will become a habit.
Books are the ladder of human progress. When liang qichao talked about reading, he did not talk about the benefits of reading. He only urged people to form the habit of reading.
It's not that you don't use it, it's that you don't get into the habit of knowing how to integrate.
There is a great gulf between the truth and the change of life. If it doesn't really work for you, it won't make any difference to your life.
Therefore, it is no use to listen to many reasons, to internalize the truth into your habits, to become your belief is important. When good habits accumulate, naturally there will be a good life.


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