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 Everything is the best arrangement
08.08.2019 03:41

A traveler saw an old woman by a big river. She was worried about crossing the water. Exhausted, he tried his best to help his mother-in-law cross the river. As a result, after crossing the river, her mother-in-law said nothing and hurried away.

The traveler regretted it. It didn't seem worth the effort to help his mother-in-law, he thought, because he didn't even get the word "thank you."

A few hours later, when he was too tired to walk apartment for rent, a young man caught up with him.

"Thank you for helping my grandmother," said the young man. "she told me to bring something with me. "With that, the young man took out the dry food and gave him the horse between his legs.

Don't be in a hurry for life to give you all the answers. Sometimes, you have to be patient and so on. Even if you shout to the hollow valley , it will be a while before you hear the long echo.

In other words, life will always give you the answer, but it won't tell you everything right away.

In fact, the years is a crisscross giant tree DC Inverter Air Cooled Scroll Chiller. And life is the bird that flies in and out of it. If one day, you encounter the cold wind and rain of life, your heart has been unbearable, then, please wait, you know, this huge tree is living in the lee of the wind for you to create a kind of spring atmosphere, and a little bit closer to you, as long as you work hard.

Rewards do not necessarily come immediately after giving.

As long as you are willing to wait, the beauty of life, always in your casual time, dress up to come.

When you are in a bad situation and you feel that everything is going against you, love, work, career, and dreams have all gone up in smoke, you might as well look at the problem from a different Angle and tell yourself: everything is the best arrangement UCHE.

Here's another story:

There was a king who liked to hunt and visit the prime minister incognito. The prime minister's most common phrase is "everything is the best arrangement".

One day, the king went hunting in the forest and shot down a leopard with an arrow. The king dismounted to inspect the leopard. Who would have thought that the leopard, with its last effort, would pounce on the king and bite off his little finger?

The king asked the prime minister to drink wine to ease his sorrow. However, the prime minister smiled and said, "your majesty, please open your mind. Everything is the best arrangement!"

"The king was very angry." if I put you in prison, is that the best arrangement?"

The prime minister smiled and said, "if so, I am convinced that this is the best arrangement."

The king was so angry that he sent the prime minister to prison.

A month later, the king got well and went out alone. He came to a remote mountain forest, suddenly rushed down from the mountain a group of indigenous people, he tied up, back to the tribe!

The primitive tribes on the mountain would go down on the full moon to find victims of the goddess of the full moon. The natives were ready to burn the king to death.

When the king was in despair, the priest was suddenly shocked and turned pale. He found that the king's little finger was missing by half. It was not a perfect sacrifice.

The king was so pleased that when he returned to his palace, he ordered the prime minister to be released and a banquet was held. The king toasted the prime minister and said, "what you said is true. If the leopard hadn't bitten him, he wouldn't be alive today.

The king suddenly thought of something and asked the prime minister, "but you have been in prison for more than a month for no reason.

The prime minister took his time to take a sip of wine before saying: "if I am not in prison, then I must be the person accompanying you on your private tour in incognito. When the aborigines found that you are not fit for sacrifice to the king, wouldn't it be my turn?"

The king could not help laughing and said, "yes, it is all the best!"

This story is telling us a truth: when we encounter unpleasant things, all this is certainly one of the best arrangements! Don't be upset, don't be discouraged, and don't just look at it for a while. Put the vision far, the vision of life to increase, not self-pity, not to blame heaven and man, always optimistic, struggle, believe that there is no way out of the way.

"Everything is the best arrangement," is a favorite story of psychological hypnosis, because in their view, the subconscious is very powerful, and is not judgmental, as long as you enter the right instructions and procedures, it will listen to and work.

Hypnosis is the fastest way to influence and reshape the subconscious mind. The positive implication of this story has proved to be very powerful. Many people will change their lives after hearing this story, and continue to prove this sentence with their later life.

In fact, as long as we carefully reflect on everything in life, we can also say to ourselves, "everything is the best arrangement." When someone around you sends out a distress signal, such as feeling down, throwing a tantrum, or behaving in an abnormal way, tell the story. Psychological counseling is far more effective than preventive measures.

So, everything is the best arrangement, grateful for everything in life.

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