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 Osmanthus fragrance
04.12.2018 08:23

Midautumn early morning, like autumn river water as clear, fresh. That day, the morning of the bright dawn, I ride a bicycle, walking on the way to work unit. Suddenly, a burst of sweet - scented osmanthus fragrances, qinrenxinpi. Ah, here are the sweet-scented osmanthus trees growing on both sides of the street. At this time, it is the season of blossoming osmanthus fragrans, see heap of green piled up in the green, embellished with a cluster of rice yellow flowers. It is so simple and elegant, so generous, so full of vitality, you can't help but look at it, especially its strong fragrance, almost every air molecules, smoked me to be drunk, make me feel refreshed.

Osmanthus blossoms bloom everywhere in August. I live and work in this southern city, I love osmanthus flowers. In my family's balcony, I also like to plant a few osmanthus trees. Osmanthus blossoms season, I stand in the balcony, watching a small osmanthus flowers, quietly smelling its fragrance. A gust of wind blew, and the sweet - scented osmanthus twig shook gently, as if to nod to greet me. My southern city, landscaping, roadside streets trademark hk, community greening, family courtyard, almost all widely planted a large number of osmanthus trees. The main varieties are golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, red osmanthus, etc. Midautumn, this is the time when the osmanthus flowers bloom, it always seems like a promise, as expected. That cluster, a string of golden osmanthus flowers, seems to understand people's expectations, in the autumn sun, a variety of osmanthus flowers in a race open, unsparing to people in full bloom, lovable, known as "leaf density thousands of green, yellow flowers." That sweet - scented osmanthus sending out attractive fragrance, floating sky. The star-studded flowers were like gold and silver. The color of osmanthus is colorful, chrysanthemum yellow is called red laurel, light yellow is called golden laurel, white is called silver laurel. Golden osmanthus dark yellow if gold, silver osmanthus white as jade, red osmanthus orange like fire. Every golden autumn season, flowers full of branches, fragrance overflowing. The fragrance, the leaf and the color appear in the green leaves, not like peonies. This makes me feel the beauty of the golden autumn that "flowers bloom a million, only fragrant in the evening".

Osmanthus land, osmanthus flower fragrance. Guangxi is known as "bayi earth". It is said that: 214 BC, qin shi huang unified the lingnan, the establishment of guilin county, covering most areas of guangxi, hence the abbreviation "GUI". The original point eight laurel tree, laurel and become a forest, word its big, two yu its cluster. Osmanthus fragrans is the province of guangxi! Today, the various osmanthus trees planted all over guangxi, the asas osmanthus trees stand proudly, a gust of wind blowing, swaying in the wind abbott Pediasure. Sweet-scented osmanthus season, osmanthus as the golden butterfly, and as if silver ribbon, touching down on the ground, like a layer of gold dust.

The long culture of osmanthus fragrans. According to written records, osmanthus fragrans has a history of more than 2500 years of cultivation in China. As early as the spring and autumn period and warring states period, << shan hai jing >> mentions: "the ostentatious mountain, its many GUI." Tang dynasty poet wang weishi said: "when the sweet-scented osmanthus falls, the night is still and the spring mountain is empty. The moon startles the birds of the mountain, while singing in the spring stream master of computer science hong kong." Song dynasty poet zhu xi poem said: "tingting rock under the guangxi, alone fragrant in the evening. The leaves are thousands of green, and the flowers are ten thousand yellow. Song dynasty poet Yang wanli described the sweet osmanthus flowers: "not human species, move from the moon, a little cold, blowing full mountain red." The sweet fragrance of osmanthus fragrances is not like that of human beings, but rather like the fragrance of osmanthus trees in the moon's broad cold palace, which blew out flowers all over the mountains. Li qing, a poetess in the song dynasty, said, "pale and light luteal, distant and distant. It doesn't have to be light green or deep red. This combination of form and spirit, wrote the sweet osmanthus unique charm, color light fragrance thick, trace far high. She pushed osmanthus as "the first class in flowers", thus it can be seen that the lyricist's evaluation of osmanthus is high, and the contents are lyrical.

The efficacy of osmanthus fragrans. Light yellow white, aromatic, aromatic oil extracted, made into osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, cakes, candies, and wine. Osmanthus wine, the ancients thought: osmanthus as the long medicine, with the osmanthus brewing wine, can achieve the drink [longevity thousand years] effect. In the han dynasty, osmanthus wine was used by people to worship god and worship their ancestors. After the sacrifice, the younger generation honored the elders with osmanthus wine. After the elders drank it, the symbol would prolong life.

Laurel green leaves evergreen, graceful, and do not compete with the spring flowers, but incense crowns. Autumn, sweet osmanthus flower fragrance!





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