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 Miss autumn
04.12.2018 08:21

Time flies, I have not time to praise autumn, autumn has gone away.

The more you like it, the faster it goes. The more you hate it, the more it will come. Thus winter came carelessly.

Now, it is the beginning of winter, but I miss autumn.

Throughout the year, only cho can be a confidant. She knows my temperature and temperament well.

The autumn is crisp. The temperature of autumn is most suitable for the body and skin, neither cold nor hot, neither cold nor hot; Autumn humidity in the most appropriate breath, drought and flood, not humid and not dry. So when you experienced the fat of winter, the steep of spring, got rid of the sweat stains of summer, into the bosom of autumn when, do not you feel relaxed and happy? Don't you feel more comfortable?

Autumn wind style, delicate and pure. Beautiful long hair only in the autumn wind most charming, elegant and neat, leap and the dust. If you block the train of thought, blowing the autumn wind, may suddenly open, if you feel upset, blowing the autumn wind, may be a moment of relief.

Autumn rain, moist and frank. She never bluffed or made mud in a thunderstorm. She is always as soft as hair and as soft as velvet. She always drips gently into your heart and comforts your heart.

The autumn moon is clear, vivid and considerate. Under the autumn moon, the leaves and flowers seemed to have eyes, and the brook began to murmur and sing. Under the autumn moon, most suitable for poets to drink, most suitable for huaiyuan homesick. Autumn is the most spiritual, the most able to relieve depression.

Autumn is the most brilliant, gorgeous. Gingko golden, maple red, pine and cypress green, chrysanthemum brilliant. Blend in between, do not forget me also no good!

Autumn is more like a mother, gentle and considerate, kind and friendly, give you care, give you encouragement. With the support of autumn, I can not fear the wind and sand in spring, the hot summer, the cold winter.





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