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 White magnolia on the branch
14.03.2018 05:10

The earliest flowers in spring, except for the spring, probably the magnolia. One morning on the end of February, on the way to work, the white magnolia tree on the road was full of trees. The white flower is very attractive on the leaves without leaves, one by one.

Standing under the tree, looking at the early spring flowers, I thought, this magnolia open so early, exactly for who av equipment rental? In order to express the different general expressions of spring, or to anticipate the arrival of the blooming flowers, so early to open.

White magnolia blossoms, white as jade, crystal clear white, blossoming up, full of fragrance. Passersby would stop to smell the flowers and look at the petals. It was a pleasant surprise to see the white magnolia blossoming on the side of the road when all things were not green.

"But there is a similar to jade", magnolia trees tall because it is over, the flowers open in the branches of the high, it does not require the greenery foils, just pure placed himself in the eyes of all, there is commentary. "A world in a grain of sand, a heaven in a flower." I don't know what kind of feelings are in magnolia's flower core, but its fearless attitude always makes me wonder.

When the wind blows, the flowers will fall. The body picked up one, placed under the nose, the fragrance immediately soaked the spleen Serviced Apartment HK. To be honest, I am not particularly fond of magnolia in flowers, but I appreciate it. In the wind and rain to insist on their own immaculate, in the sway to maintain their fragrance.

Long yingtai wrote: "there is a lonely world between the boundless and boundless and boundless, people can only face alone, without makeup practice." Perhaps, as this said, magnolia can withstand lonely, alone without makeup open.

If the flower is compared to a woman, magnolia is not a gentle, it should be strong, even without makeup, is not to be ignored. The first is full of trees, high above, with a whole body of power. I stand under the tree, long thought, early spring flowers, is a kind of perfect? It did not choose to be open with the numerous flowers, but it was in the cold February. For spring, fight or not?

On such a morning at the end of February Accpac, I met the fragrance of magnolia. Pick up the time of fragrance, scattered out this beautiful text. How beautiful, free and open, unrestricted in the days and months that you want to be in.

Riding on my bike to work, it was such a short time to spend time with magnolia, but I felt a love in my heart. In February, there are some cold, but I saw the warm sunshine, through years of space and time, on my body covered with a layer of light, with just a touch of fragrance of magnolia, the day seemed brighter, the way forward more clearly, see to the direction of the smile, brave face.

In the heart of this time, has planted a white magnolia tree, the white flowers on the tree, duoduo is a symbol of an open road pioneer, the spirit of rising up.






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