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 Two ants
12.02.2018 05:00

On this road, there are no shortcuts for young people, everyone is a practitioner, and behind all the success, there is an unacknowledged hardship.
Two ants, unfortunately, strayed into the glass.
They were fluttering around the glass, trying to find a crack to climb out. Soon they found out that it was impossible.
So they began to climb up the wall. It seems that this is the only way to freedom.
However, the surface of the glass was so smooth that they had just climbed two steps and fell heavily.
They rubbed their painful bodies, climbed up and climbed again. Soon they fell heavily to the bottom of the cup.
Three, four, five... Once, I was about to climb to the rim of the cup, but the last step failed, and this time it hurt more than any time.
It was a long time before they got their breath. "We can't take any more risks," said one of the ants, rubbing his hips.
Otherwise, it will fall to pieces." The other ant said, "just now, aren't we just one step away from winning?" Then he began to climb again.
He fell again and again, climbing again and again, and he reached the edge of the cup, and, with the last effort, turned over the transparent wall.
Through the glass, the ants in the glass are envious and jealous: tell me, what is the secret of your success?
The ant outside the glass answered, "it may be the most difficult when you are near success, who can win without losing faith in the most difficult times."
The ants in the glass were inspired and inspired, no longer afraid of being hurt, and started climbing again, eventually climbing out of the glass and meeting with the other ant.
The reason why the ant can not give up, the important factor is that it has the faith to win, and to hold on to the triumphalism in the setback, will not lose the strength of persistence.
Finally, I give you three sentences:
The first sentence: your responsibility is your direction, your experience is your capital, your character is your destiny.
The second sentence: complex things simply do, you are the expert; Simple things repeat, you are expert; Do the same thing with your heart, you are the winner.
The third sentence: the good is belongs to the confident person, the opportunity belongs to the pioneer, the miracle belongs to the persistent person! If you don't want to, you'll find excuses. If you want to do it, you'll always find a way.






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