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 When you want to cry
25.05.2018 06:55

Many people think that crying is a shameful thing, especially men, they even in the most sad, is also better to grind teeth, clenched, vomiting, faint, risk their lives, one thousand to searching method, always refused to let tears flick.
In fact, the reason why people are different from animals, can cry is one of them, if you feel uncomfortable in your heart, do not take tears for shame, please make good use of your natural resources, can cry and cry!

According to the study of physicians: cry not only good for your health, and can eliminate all ills, when your heart traumatized, a to cry, will be able to make your spirit to clarify thoroughly, emotion for full vent.

At this point, if you force yourself to restrain yourself, it only means that you are not naturally strong and that your relationship has been disappointed.

In you should open the natural insurance piston - cry - but not open, and increase your blood pressure will be enough, digestive disorders, nervous disease such as the weak will follow, it is against nature, you deserve it.

Crying is a higher function in the brain hong kong Company Formation, and like speech, theory, and all other human functions, it is the product of human growth. The first child cries without tears, the idiot never tears, this is because their tear glands are not fully developed, only fully developed "senior person", can have this instinct.

So when you want to cry, don't care what the reason is, even if it's a good time to cry, let the accumulated nerves of sadness, anger and tension vent.

Today, although men do not dare to openly point out that crying is a good thing for women, but crying is often a good way for women to vent their feelings.

Believe it or not, listen to them: "today is a bad day. I'm tired of everything. Indeed, crying soothed their nerves.

In the dull routine of everyday life, petty difficulties and irritating little problems are what we cannot prevent and avoid, and that is why we suffer.

And the way women get through it, the cry is a way to soothe their heavy nerves. Men are so stingy with their tears that they have to be killed in a sudden storm.

With general doctors also said: "tears in alkali, has strong sterilization force, can put the nose, nasal membrane, the naked eye cannot see cold bacteria to kill, it is a panacea for the treatment of colds."

They even thought, "the best cure for a cold is to see two tragic movies. In fact, most people agree.

Them than on any other occasions in the cinema more easily shed tears, because the average person in the dark, less inhibited, thus eliminated was found in his emotion of fear, if in broad daylight, people will be because of the shame, barely suppress himself."

It is a very strange, but also very true fact that most people, whenever they think about their childhood, no matter whether they were happy or not register a company in HK, are easily moved to tears.

Songs from childhood are also a powerful cause of tears. Many people get a lump in their throat as soon as they hear the familiar tunes of their childhood.

The tears are often caused by the subconscious mind as a result, if you find yourself to cry, but don't know "why", you can go to find you sad those associations, it often is this a can't suppress the cause of sorrow.

Even men who are not easily moved will pull out handkerchiefs to wipe away tears from a film.

Women suffer for the other woman, more easier to tears, whether it is a book, a movie, a play, or a radio novels, they are all for the heart-broken, psychologists call this "sorry" to vent.

Whether they feel it or not, in fact, they have thought of the heroine's suffering as their own unhappy story.

At this point, perhaps some strong women will say: they never shed tears.

This is really big problem, for some relatively shallow or temporary annoyance, you may have the capacity for you to control your emotions, or when other people see, you not to cry as a way to vent emotions.

But when you're alone, or when you're in a real human tragedy, you may not be able to hold back the tears.

Maybe you still have to insist: "I really have no reason to cry!" Let's put your reasons aside and look at the psychologists' arguments first.

According to a study by psychologists, there is one thing that makes you cry every 21 days.

Psychologists have tested hundreds of college students, men and women get three hundred and seven reasons to cry, one of the most common reason is fatigue, said three-quarters of the female students, no matter in any situation, if you want to cry, tears are also couldn't help anyway.

From the experiment, we also know that if you don't cry when you should or should, your body will be affected incorporate hong kong company.

Reason is that in the emotional impulsiveness, if a tear, will cry on behalf of the other organs in the body, so that destruction of tender lachrymal balance, and inhibited pathetique, anger, or other stimulus, will cause strong chemical change, make nerve damage, inner body at bo.

Therefore, when you encounter emotional trauma, the best thing to do is go to see a sad movie, you a person to see, is likely to feel a little lonely, and dark can relax you more self control, allowing you to cry, sufficiently to obtain the effect of the vent.

Crying means the worst is over. There are no tears in the early stages of grief, and they do not flow until you have regained your vigor. Tears have softened your situation.

When you walk out of the theater, your face may not look so good, your eyes are a little red, but your heart is much more comfortable.


 The music has changed this evening
25.05.2018 05:18

In the afternoon, I was carried back to my daughter's home for twenty years. Because the daughter began to learn the piano. You have to practice every night. You can't run to me all the time.

This piano was bought in the year when my daughter was admitted to the normal school. It was his vocal music teacher who urged him to buy it. He said on the phone that he could not live without a piano at home.

At that time, my monthly salary was less than 1000 yuan. Three years ago, a new building was raised, and some of it was finished a year ago. I don't have a lot of savings, and the cost of the piano will leave me with nothing. But my teacher's advice and my daughter's urging made me choose to pack a taxi one weekend without hesitation and pick up the vocal music teacher at the designated place to buy the piano with us.

There were two people standing by the roadside and they got into the car. The teacher said, this is also his student parents, also chose today's day, that together go to buy the piano bar. Well, he said he was paying for the car today, and I was responsible for lunch for a few of us.

The journey takes nearly an hour. During the chat, I learned that the parent worked in the bank and had a good economic condition. He just lived in a big house. My son just started primary school. He hoped there would be a piano in the big house, in front of which his son would practice every day. He also said that if the sound of the piano often sounded in the house, he thought the home was happy and happy. But he sighed instead and said, "I know my child doesn't have music cells and doesn't like to play the piano. The teacher communicated with me several times about this problem, but I still insist on buying it. Even if it is a decoration, I am satisfied. Because when I was young, I asked my parents to buy me a musical instrument, even a harmonica. The wish did not come true. At that time, no one in the family supported me to learn music, and I didn't want to acquire a musical instrument. Now my living conditions are good, so I want to satisfy my desire for decades.

The vocal music teacher said, look, one is to love music. One is not to love music. Today I will accompany you to buy the piano. People who love music are children urging them to buy. I don't love music. My father insisted on buying it. But music training really requires a certain amount of talent. If the child is not interested and has no initiative in learning the piano, the parents will follow him in a lot of haste. I've taught a lot of students, and I've met people like you.

There was a brief silence in the car. Maybe everyone is thinking of something... The taxi went all the way to the piano, and there were people in it. I went to a pure white, shiny lacquer "pearl river" piano to see the price, let the teacher try a song. Actually, I prefer to listen to the piano, but I know nothing about how to choose the piano. After a while, the parent quickly ordered the white pearl river piano. Then the teacher called me aside and said, "don't buy the pearl river card for your daughter." I picked out the brand name "haizeman" for you. International famous brand! The tone is very beautiful. It is the exclusive performance of international piano master clement Richard. There is a world of difference between the quality of the instrument. I took a close look at the famous piano. "Why isn't it painted? Not bright. It's dark and dark." The teacher say: the exterior line looks at the surface, the inside bank looks inside. Gritting teeth, money matters, after a period of no matter. I said I didn't have enough money in my pocket today. Jump from four digits to five Not much. The teacher said, I'll help you with it today. Just bring me your daughter when she goes to my school.

I thought for a moment. A man was standing on the steps of the piano shop. I want the wind to blow my thoughts, and let the sun warm my unsteady heart.

I remember taking my daughter to cangzhou for a few days when she was nine. I took time to visit one of my classmates in junior high school. The sound of an accordion from another bedroom in her house attracted my daughter. She looked intently at her classmate's son practicing there. How can you play the piano admiringly? Who bought you that piano? Can I play it? The son of classmate say you can? My daughter said I wouldn't. I can't play, so I can touch it.

On the train home, my daughter repeatedly begged me to buy her an accordion when I got home. Be sure to enroll her in an accordion class. She said she would be like that little brother. After one or two years of study, I can also play the songs of flowers and teenagers for me.

I said you couldn't. Unlike other children, you are left-handed. Lefties can't learn the accordion. She said why? I said that the right hand of the accordion should play the main melody, that is to say, the right hand should operate the keyboard, the left hand is playing the rhythm. As for you, your left hand is very sharp. I'm afraid your right hand can't keep up with the faster rhythm of the music. She said it's okay. It's okay. I'm not only left-handed, I'm right-handed. I write with my right hand. I'm sure I can learn the accordion.

The accordion was soon bought back. My salary was in the triple digits and my accordion was in the four digits. Then they pay double digit tuition every month. I will insist on going to school every week after I sign up for class. I live about five kilometers from where I study. At that time, there was a shuttle bus, but the time was not so coincidental. Often it is early to learn the piano, and then wait quietly in the hospital. The departure time of the bus is also more than an hour away from the departure time. We had to wait by the road with the piano on our backs. For more than two years, no matter the wind, frost, snow and rain, extreme heat and cold, early walk and late return, hunger and thirst are unbearable, the daughter has persisted. Several times. When my body uncomfortable, when I feel tired, no rest to come over, when I see families of every Sunday children, adults outside random playfulness, only we carry jean rush around to the driver go to class, go ahead are enthusiastic daughter gave me power.

More than two years later, at the graduation certificate presentation ceremony of accordion class, there were only eight children standing on the stage in the hall of Notre Dame, which was made up of 32 children learning to play the piano at the beginning. The daughter was the lowest and was placed in the middle. The red certificate of graduation in her hand almost covered her upper body. But she laughs best in that picture. Because she once said that while so many children were left-handed, I did stick to the end.

Thinking of this, I turned around without hesitation and walked into the piano again. Talk to the teacher! Buy this one!

That night, the daughter flew home from school. He rushed up the sixth floor, opened the door, and went straight to the piano without even bothering to change his shoes. She excitedly opened the cover and sat there, practicing several arpeggios back and forth with her nimble fingers. In the bedroom, the sound of flowing and melodious music like a spring filled my heart. A joy that cannot be expressed in words, accompanied by daughter Jane pearl playing "the north wind blows

From then on, our home every once in a while, or every weekend will ring a melodious sound. The song is more difficult than the song. Once she said I was going to take an exam, and the tune was the Turkish march. I said you have to work hard because you're left-handed. We looked at each other and smiled. Then she took the piano more seriously and practiced it over and over again. My daughter later told me about the exam. Performance is always "excellent".

After graduation from normal school, my daughter was admitted to the art college in the provincial capital. I studied music. After she had taken her away, the instrument of the family had been idle for a few months, and every time I thought of my daughter, I sat on the piano stool in a very grave manner. Clumsily, I played some familiar folk songs with one hand, but I could not play the piano in any way. Holiday daughter still often familiar tunes, to play a shot I'm immersed Yu Qinsheng at the same time, also love the little drops of the recall something about the music on the road with her word.

When my daughter married, I said: this piano will be one of the couples. You leave it in your home and play it when you have time. But they didn't take the piano away because of housing conditions. It's been in my house. My daughter often comes back to play some ballads and pop songs on the piano. So my house never broke. Year after year, my daughter has been married for eight years. Time flies, and all the past remains in memory. Her daughter was six years old. She recently signed up her daughter for piano lessons. So the piano moved back from my home to her home.

When the piano that had been with me for twenty years was moved out, I spent a long time looking at the corner of an empty house and musing. Suddenly felt a burst of reluctance. B: yes. For 20 years. Daughter from a normal student to a college student to a journalist; From a teenage girl to have a 6 year old daughter's mother, time in a hurry inadvertently changing people's identity at the same time, the responsibility and obligation to an irreverent ground pressure in each person's shoulder.

Tonight, the music shifted. I tried to turn my reluctant thoughts into relief. Hope to her daughter's daughter, way of learning came to formulate a what kind of big goals, but hopes her daughter at the touch of a piano, to hear from your fingers fly out beautiful, can cultivate emotional intelligence, the development of her intelligence, it is good to cultivate her appreciation of music in the future.

Sure enough, the sensible daughter might have guessed the moment I felt when the piano was carried away. So in the evening she sent me three pictures of her granddaughter practicing and two little video in my WeChat. Seeing this, my heart relaxed. A piano. Three generations. Twenty years. The music didn't shift. But at the beginning of a new cycle, I am more closely linked to myself, my daughter and daughter's daughter in music world.



 The mountain, the water, the house
23.04.2018 10:49

Always, like landscape, like birds, like the nature of everything. Often thinking, when we are old, together in seclusion mountain forest, surrounded by mountains and rivers, chicken and duck bark, listen to the birds, smell the flowers.

In the early morning, I will accompany you to see a crystal clear dew, the green leaves of the green leaf, listen to the sound of the crisp birds to wake up the sky city every cloud. In the evening, I will accompany you to see the sunset and the sunset, watching the chickens and ducks return to the cage, listening to each leaf and the trees: good night.

After the prosperity of life Foreign Company Registration in hong kong, still accompany you to appreciate the flowers and flowers before the court, the perception of the life of fine water long.

Surely the most beautiful time is to know the key of life, accompany the other half, enjoy the prosperity and the end of life. If a man loves life, then every common sight in his eyes is a beautiful treasure. The beauty of life is everywhere, and what is needed is our ability to find beautiful eyes in a jumble of earth, and then to penetrate all the beauty of nature.

If the heart is blinded by the world's prosperity, and is troubled by the desire of the world, then the things of beauty are common in your eyes sage 50. I like life to be clear of the clouds, like the days are ordinary and not short of poetic. Go deep into nature, get back to nature, remove the once halo, remove the splendid coat, let the soul bathe in the landscape, wash and quench, calm, calm and beautiful.

Only wish this life with you together to the old, a few acres of gardens and green white walls red brick tile, in front of the flowers and trees, thin film QingJian extremely water, behind the castle peak winding, lie in the path twists and turns, mountain in water, rural families. Listen to the wind, listen to the water, listen to nature's nature. The crowd of a clear spring, stepping on a line of moss, let the eyes of the deep cloud.

This is not just a dream, I think it must be real. He said we are old, just returned to the serene village, together with nature, clouds and water fell in love, and I together with you, even if the rod quinoa Event Planning, tooth loss, spirit must not old. Please allow me to hold your hand, to see flowers bloom, to see a tree weeping willow, one soul lingering on another soul.

Forget the sorrow, no longer sentimental, caters to the warmth of your palm, with silk and blast, sing for you, for you to dance a song red sleeve add incense, moss wan light for you, this life only for you drunk, filled with tender feelings for you, let as the sea is tender feeling in this life, I don't know if the afterlife can also meet? Then let the love of this life be hidden in the days of every smile that accompanies us.

If we are old, we only want to accompany you, go out to see the green forest, distance from the winding path, to accompany you to see the green garden, watch the morning dew, fishing, planting flowers, planting vegetables, leisurely and comfortable. Houses, flowers, flowers, white clouds and blue sky are all in this landscape, picturesque scenery, you and I are in the painting.

You see, that mountain, that water, that house...


 A box full ofkisses
23.04.2018 10:10

The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, "This is for you, Daddy.”

The man was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found out the box was empty. He yelled at her, stating, "Don't you know, when you give someone a present, there is supposed to be something inside? The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and cried, "Oh, Daddy, it's not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They're all for you, Daddy."

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and he begged for her forgiveness. Only a short time later, an accident took the life of the child. It is also told that her father kept that gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.

In a very real sense, each one of us, as humans beings, have been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses... from our children, family members, friends, and God. There is simply no other possession, anyone could hold, more precious than this.




 White magnolia on the branch
14.03.2018 05:10

The earliest flowers in spring, except for the spring, probably the magnolia. One morning on the end of February, on the way to work, the white magnolia tree on the road was full of trees. The white flower is very attractive on the leaves without leaves, one by one.

Standing under the tree, looking at the early spring flowers, I thought, this magnolia open so early, exactly for who av equipment rental? In order to express the different general expressions of spring, or to anticipate the arrival of the blooming flowers, so early to open.

White magnolia blossoms, white as jade, crystal clear white, blossoming up, full of fragrance. Passersby would stop to smell the flowers and look at the petals. It was a pleasant surprise to see the white magnolia blossoming on the side of the road when all things were not green.

"But there is a similar to jade", magnolia trees tall because it is over, the flowers open in the branches of the high, it does not require the greenery foils, just pure placed himself in the eyes of all, there is commentary. "A world in a grain of sand, a heaven in a flower." I don't know what kind of feelings are in magnolia's flower core, but its fearless attitude always makes me wonder.

When the wind blows, the flowers will fall. The body picked up one, placed under the nose, the fragrance immediately soaked the spleen Serviced Apartment HK. To be honest, I am not particularly fond of magnolia in flowers, but I appreciate it. In the wind and rain to insist on their own immaculate, in the sway to maintain their fragrance.

Long yingtai wrote: "there is a lonely world between the boundless and boundless and boundless, people can only face alone, without makeup practice." Perhaps, as this said, magnolia can withstand lonely, alone without makeup open.

If the flower is compared to a woman, magnolia is not a gentle, it should be strong, even without makeup, is not to be ignored. The first is full of trees, high above, with a whole body of power. I stand under the tree, long thought, early spring flowers, is a kind of perfect? It did not choose to be open with the numerous flowers, but it was in the cold February. For spring, fight or not?

On such a morning at the end of February Accpac, I met the fragrance of magnolia. Pick up the time of fragrance, scattered out this beautiful text. How beautiful, free and open, unrestricted in the days and months that you want to be in.

Riding on my bike to work, it was such a short time to spend time with magnolia, but I felt a love in my heart. In February, there are some cold, but I saw the warm sunshine, through years of space and time, on my body covered with a layer of light, with just a touch of fragrance of magnolia, the day seemed brighter, the way forward more clearly, see to the direction of the smile, brave face.

In the heart of this time, has planted a white magnolia tree, the white flowers on the tree, duoduo is a symbol of an open road pioneer, the spirit of rising up.



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