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 Mentality determines life
12.02.2018 05:39

As the famous saying goes: things go by the heart, the environment by the heart, troubles by the heart.
Dickens said that a sound mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.
Ralph Waldo Emerson: a man who is always moving towards his goal, the whole world gives way to him.
Simple as these words are, they are classic hong kong top masters, incisive, and what a person's mental state will produce.
In life, a good attitude can make you optimistic and open-minded; A good state of mind can help you overcome the suffering you face. A good state of mind can make you indifferent to fame and wealth and lead a truly happy life.
Mentality determines people;
As the famous saying goes: things go by the heart, the environment by the heart, troubles by the heart.
Dickens said that a sound mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.
Ralph Waldo Emerson: a man who is always moving towards his goal, the whole world gives way to him.
Simple as these words are, they are classic, incisive, and what a person's mental state will produce.
In life, a good attitude can make you optimistic and open-minded; A good state of mind can help you overcome the suffering you face master of education hong kong. A good state of mind can make you indifferent to fame and wealth and lead a truly happy life.
A philosopher once said, "your mind is your master." In real life, we can't control our own experiences, but we can control our attitude. We can't change others, but we can change ourselves.
In fact, there is not much difference between people, the real difference lies in the state of mind. So, whether a person succeeds or not depends largely on his mentality.
Better to be angry than angry.
Life has prosperity and adversity, not everywhere adversity; Life has a peak and a trough. It can't be everywhere.
In the face of setbacks, if you just complain and get angry, you are doomed to be a weak person forever.
Have confidence to win;
The reason why many people fail in the past is not because of incompetence, but because of lack of confidence. Confidence is a power, but also a motivation. When you are not confident, you are difficult to do well. When you do nothing wrong, you become less confident.
It's a vicious circle. If you want to get out of this vicious cycle, you have to struggle with failure, and you have to build strong self-confidence.
Move more;
Actions may not be successful rent apartment Hong Kong, but they will not succeed. Life will not pay you for what you want to do, nor will you be paid for what you know, but because what you have done will pay you.
A person's goal is to start from a dream, a person's happiness is from the state of mind, and a person's success is realized in the action.
The common heart is indispensable;
Life can not be smooth, successful and unsuccessful. Have happy, also have loss. If we take the ups and downs of life too seriously, life will never be easy for us, and we will never laugh.
Life should be sought after, but temporary lack of it will not hinder the happiness of daily life, therefore, having a normal heart is the essential lubricant of life.
When you give up, you will reap.
It is wisdom to give up in due time. It will make you more aware of your inner potential and external factors, and will make you mentally and physically adjusted to be a happy and sensible person.
Blind persistence is not as good as reason. It is a fool that a man who is bitter to keep the sunset is a fool. People who are reluctant to give up often lose more precious things. When appropriate, give yourself a chance and learn to give up before you can get it.
Learn to relax your mind;
The human mind is fragile and needs constant stimulation and comfort. Self-motivation, self-praise, and self-praise can make the mind happy.
Learn to unleash the mind, is to give oneself create a warm harbor, often went in for his busy tired heart a massage, make the mind often get various parts of the maintenance and maintenance.
Don't let setbacks fail;
A person's life, inevitably will suffer setbacks and failures.
The difference is that the failure always fails, so that each time can deeply defeat his courage to win; A winner is never a failure, in the face of setbacks, always say to himself: "I am not a failure, but have not succeeded."
A man who is temporarily defeated, if he continues to try and win back, is not a real failure today. On the contrary, if he loses the courage to fight again, he really loses.
Avoid worry and worry;
In real life, people who worry all the time are not actually suffering from too much unhappiness, but are rooted in the inner world of the worriers.
Therefore, when the trouble comes, we should not blame the people, also do not abandon themselves, to learn to relax the mind, from the psychological adjustment of themselves, to avoid the worry to become a heart disease.
Happiness is simple;
Some people say that happiness is the spring flowers, summer green shade, autumn wild fruits, winter snow. Actually, happiness is around us.
A hearty smile, a sincere handshake, a heart-to-heart talk, is a happy thing.



 Two ants
12.02.2018 05:00

On this road, there are no shortcuts for young people, everyone is a practitioner, and behind all the success, there is an unacknowledged hardship.
Two ants, unfortunately, strayed into the glass.
They were fluttering around the glass, trying to find a crack to climb out. Soon they found out that it was impossible.
So they began to climb up the wall. It seems that this is the only way to freedom.
However, the surface of the glass was so smooth that they had just climbed two steps and fell heavily.
They rubbed their painful bodies, climbed up and climbed again. Soon they fell heavily to the bottom of the cup.
Three, four, five... Once, I was about to climb to the rim of the cup, but the last step failed, and this time it hurt more than any time.
It was a long time before they got their breath. "We can't take any more risks," said one of the ants, rubbing his hips.
Otherwise, it will fall to pieces." The other ant said, "just now, aren't we just one step away from winning?" Then he began to climb again.
He fell again and again, climbing again and again, and he reached the edge of the cup, and, with the last effort, turned over the transparent wall.
Through the glass, the ants in the glass are envious and jealous: tell me, what is the secret of your success?
The ant outside the glass answered, "it may be the most difficult when you are near success, who can win without losing faith in the most difficult times."
The ants in the glass were inspired and inspired, no longer afraid of being hurt, and started climbing again, eventually climbing out of the glass and meeting with the other ant.
The reason why the ant can not give up, the important factor is that it has the faith to win, and to hold on to the triumphalism in the setback, will not lose the strength of persistence.
Finally, I give you three sentences:
The first sentence: your responsibility is your direction, your experience is your capital, your character is your destiny.
The second sentence: complex things simply do, you are the expert; Simple things repeat, you are expert; Do the same thing with your heart, you are the winner.
The third sentence: the good is belongs to the confident person, the opportunity belongs to the pioneer, the miracle belongs to the persistent person! If you don't want to, you'll find excuses. If you want to do it, you'll always find a way.



 Smile in every direction of life
02.02.2018 08:28

This is the story that happened to me.
Ah qin, my junior high school classmate. She is a clever, pretty woman. After graduating from junior high school more than ten years ago, I didn't get a marriage license. I held a banquet in my hometown, and I went to work with my husband when I finished the banquet.
It was not long before he had a son. The husband is steadfast, the son is clever and lovely, a family of three, very sweet wine wset, very sweet.
A few years ago, her husband became seriously ill and was ill. When the husband died, he asked his wife to train her son to become an adult.
At this time, without the main economic source, he began to work on the construction site to make a living. Ah qin is a father and a mother, a mind only to raise his son.
The year before, my son and some friends went to bathe in the river and drowned. Finally, he became a lonely man.
How many people can bear the hardships of life and the hardships of life, like mountains and mountains? The person has no, the home has no, every day to face is the empty house, the body one person, the life has what significance?
I listen to the junior middle school classmate talk about her situation, but because many years have not seen the face, I am embarrassed to comfort her abruptly, so I have to convey my greetings to my classmates.
Later, I listen to the classmate say apartment rental, began to her every day, wash a face with a tear, photos of her husband and son all day long staring blankly, don't eat not to sleep for several days, was with her parents and relatives through the most difficult days, is now gradually from grief came out, find a job.
I met her in the street the other day, and she smiled and said, "thank you for your concern, and you should take care of yourself."
I nodded gratefully. "it's not easy to see you in good spirits."
She said: "yes, at first, I just die, just want to with his son to go to heaven with his father together, then see my parents advised me not to kill yourself crying, they eat with grief, I very distressed, I suddenly woke up, which is not the parents pride? When my son died, I was heartbroken, and I had a good body, so I went to die. What about my parents? How can I be worthy of my parents? How could I let them have the blackheads?"
I said: "yes, I thought, in our sick relatives, how much we hope that the patient can recover the body, even break at the bank, we try, the way is unable to retain the life of a loved one, how much more valuable is life? How can we have the heart to waste our lives?"
She nodded. "I can't be too selfish. So, I want to open, crying over is a day, smiling is also a day, rather than everyday crying, it is better to smile every day. Now I'm running a small shop in the street, buying little things, and doing it every day makes me feel like I have something to do Accpac system, and I don't have to dwell on the pain of the past.
Her words filled me with emotion, and I remembered the words I had seen there: "in prosperity, a smile is a reward for success. In adversity, a smile is a physical therapy for trauma.
Yes, a smile is a reward for success, a gratitude for good things, and we should smile.
Smile is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating our dark heart; Smile is like a spring breeze, warm our cold heart; Smile is like a clear spring, moistening our dry heart.
It's not hard to do that by smiling in prosperity, with a smile on your face.
But when people are in adversity, especially in despair, it is not easy to smile at it.
For in adversity, man has been blinded by difficulties and setbacks. He can see nothing, see no sunshine, no flowers, no clear springs. Only see the darkness, see only the weeds, see the dead water, see no hope, see only pain and despair.
But, is that what life is like? You throw in papaya, and you give it to qiongju, you put it in the peach, and you report it to qiong yao. Smile in every direction of life, even if it is a tribulation, but there will always be a day in the past, and eventually everything will be better and better.



 It's not useless, it's bad habit
02.02.2018 08:26

It is easy to understand, but it is difficult to follow the rules.
Habit is an important factor in the success of life. Goethe said, "it is better not to fantasize at sunset, but to act when the sun is rising." It is better to take one step and make it a habit.
Habit is a tenacious and powerful force, it can dominate life. No one has the ability to be superhuman in the first place, and no one can casually succeed. The secret of success lies in the habit of life.
Some say, "sow an action, reap a habit; Sow a habit and reap a character; Sow a character and reap a destiny. Habit is the foundation of life.
People live by habit. Studies have shown that more than 21 days of repetition can form a habit. 90 days of repetition can lead to a stable habit.
The same action, repeated 21 days will become habitual action; The same idea, repeated for 21 days, becomes a habitual thought. Once the habit is created, it will affect the subconscious and change your behavior unconsciously.
Lao tzu said, "the chief of staff has heard that he is diligent. The sergeant sniffed that if he died, "The corporal heard, laughing, not laughing."
Liang qichao was born in guangdong, where liang lived for nearly two hundred and fifty years before he was born. Liang qichao's great-grandfather and great-grandfather had been farming.
In those days no one do not understand reading earners uphold the truth, but it was not until the liang qichao's grandfather's generation, just beginning "to learn" spreading, implement the real truth will become a habit.
Books are the ladder of human progress. When liang qichao talked about reading, he did not talk about the benefits of reading. He only urged people to form the habit of reading.
It's not that you don't use it, it's that you don't get into the habit of knowing how to integrate.
There is a great gulf between the truth and the change of life. If it doesn't really work for you, it won't make any difference to your life.
Therefore, it is no use to listen to many reasons, to internalize the truth into your habits, to become your belief is important. When good habits accumulate, naturally there will be a good life.


 With the best of heart, live the best life
08.01.2018 11:03

Cut a period of time from the title page of the season, let busy all clear the moonlight to stop. To sit with the wind, and to be happy with the flowers, and to be quiet with the other, light and distant.
The text/trees
Turning over the pages of the year, the poem of a season, this winter, the ink is somewhat astringent, this winter, like to be quiet. Quiet good, a cup of tea, can drink alone, a personal taste, and quietly miss a distant person rental serviced apartment.
My heart is idle, like these words. It's not about the wind, it's nothing, it's quiet, it's quiet. There is a kind of chrysanthemum in the east hedge, but there is a soft and joy in the heart.
If a man's heart is determined in his heart, he will be satisfied and lost, and he will not be seen and seen.
Knowing that those who have entered into the heart will know how to be silent, hide their softness, and hide their deep love.
Once upon a time, I traveled between the mountains and rivers with a poem, and I wanted to be a carefree person.
A ladle of mercy, a few wisp, a few wisp, the row, will all the fresh clothes angry horse, reduced to a clean water ink master of chemistry hong kong, then in a corner of qingning, let the sun's faith in the soul deep home.
Like such life, half fireworks, half of the book, do not smell the old two or three, do not listen to and lose. Take a plant heart and live a low-brow life. I have nothing to do with it; The so-called sadness is not disturbed with me. Time listens to snow, boiled words to warm, a leaf bodhi, no language also qingxin.
Ansheng, xiaojing, I like the pure and beautiful words,
Life is lonely, but it can also be peaceful and elegant. If you can, be quiet and old. If can, in this water color idle cloud, the freedom to make a flower, clear to the city, the compassion of the warm, the dust smoke in the gentle. All joy or loneliness is one's own pleasure, not to be known.
Always feel that the quiet of the soul is like a flower open, with the appearance of a rich and inner ring. Time is in the air MD Senses, silent and empty, but it is willing to take heart with warmth.
I believe that there is always a deep feeling, is sweet and sweet, like water flowing through the clear time, just a smile, then fragrant the heart of the sky.
Like to immerse in a person's time, simple, quiet and peaceful. A glass of water, a book, a loop of repeated music, the distance between the partition and the hustle and bustle, any heart wanderers, no one disturb, also need not disturb.
Perhaps, the change of seasons, the reincarnation of the years, in the gradual understanding of the world, finally realize that only a quiet mind is the way of the body. So, the light sorrow, and the xiaofeng, a gulp, turn, smile.
How good, such a time, or the smell of flowers, or the green wind gently winding, are all quiet, are wan wan.
I read between the lines of the words, I would like to make myself warm, in the cool world, I will be gentle, I will be fond of.
The more and more simple life, the paths of the red dust, too much noise already can no longer bear the load, too many invitations, also cannot give the proper response.
Not do not understand, just years, has been reluctant to casual into someone circles, clinging to his side sky, own a lonely alone - so, is already a annoys meet.
Time is simple, like the dew on the lotus, the years vicissitudes, will have no trace in the flowing year. Take the poem escape heart, blend in the absence of the qingfen, in the dust of the silent blooming, do not be pleasing, do not need to cater, only to be oneself, the pure fragrance.
Because, we are all on the road of old, if still can carry a clear heart, is beautiful.
Allow me to be quiet myself, leaning on the grass and trees, singing in the morning breeze, in a mountain river, smear my own small qinghuan.
Let the years go by, when we are old, we will not look back, we will not look up, but the shore will be forgotten.
The shadow of the shadow, the fragrance, time passes through the words, with a flower fragrance. If you listen carefully, you can see that a woman's grass and wood is affectionate and leisurely, but also plain, but always that soft and gentle, that is a woman's quiet time.
You know, some things never get old, like love, like hope.


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