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 Don't listen to new songs for years
22.10.2018 09:08

Do not listen to new songs for many years, probably have an old than the heart of cultural relics.

Now people mistake one rhyme exactly as the model of Chinese style serviced apartment hk, and hard life for the rhyme to fill the word, for the rhyme hurt the meaning. Even if everything is smooth and stable, always lack of magnanimity or tenderness or zen. Entertainment, then too entertainment, all as it does not become the name of the light after sing low, since it does not reach the great hall, it is better to simply seek a bad street - there are many streets, are all those strange things rotten.

Can not help but like the old song, but also can not help but like the old song represents the incomparable beautiful youth.

The words say that year: xu xiaofeng downstream flow and reverse flow converges into the bottom of the ocean current; Tan wing - Lin is also a greasy face singing a little afraid of the handsome young; Chen baiqiang thinks what he wants in life. Zhang guorong is a different flower with no intention to show tenderness. Zhang yusheng is fresh and fresh as a poem and bright as a tourist goose master of materials science hong kong; Grasshoppers formed an alliance of lovelorn fronts; Qi qin cried out to the outside world.

Hearing the book of qi yu and his wife, we turned it out again virtual office in hong kong. The three little boys in the tiger team were so young that we started the class ball in green apple park.

Zhang xinzhe has abnormal treble; Yuke li Lin is still admitting his mistake; Zhou hua-jian is healthy and clear. Zhang yu always pulled her collar with good intentions. "June" by Chen sheng. When we were divided into classes in high school, we began to sing. Lonely luo da you is the boon of creation...

It was an era of saving pocket money to buy a 9.8-yuan tape that could turn a lyrics over and over as a story; It was a time of pop songs in a walkman, accompanied by math problems and nightly study sessions. It was a young age when we pasted their faces to the pencil box.

I believe that many people think of the youth, not only about a person and an event, a word and a first song, but also about the good memories of the past, about their own pity and miss.

Yeah, who's never young?

In their late teens and early teens, it's common for boys to sing love songs under a girl's dorm building in a denim jacket and guitar, and for girls to slip into their journal the most poignant words they can say to a guy. At that time, I was most fond of "childhood", the first group dance in high school.



 Whose tea are you waiting for?
22.10.2018 06:33

From the moment the tea leaves the tree, it looks forward to meeting the water. Water awakens tea, tea accomplishes water; Water contains tea, which is rich in water. Tea is reborn because of water, and water is fragrant because of tea.

The encounter between tea and water moistens life and stirs life. Making tea, such as life, needs just right: time is short, tea does not taste; It's been a long time. The taste is too strong.

Tea and water edge, perhaps because wanwan years ago, stream dancing small trees, this life just hand in hand with; Water and tea share, xu is thousands of years ago on the leaves of the lingering dew, only now leans over to meet.

Water gives a piece of tea the temperature of life. Water expands the width of a piece of tea life. Water extends the length of a piece of tea life. Water also because of tea, but zhike peace, and siya zhiyuan.

Tea cannot be separated from water. Water is the other half of tea life. The relationship between tea and water is naturally united. Water is the wing of tea, water let a tea get fly; Tea is the soul of water. Tea fills the heart of a drop of water.

A cup of green tea, a meditation heart, "tea" word opened that is "people in the vegetation." Life, an autumn of vegetation, a few degrees of cold, how many complex, people and tea has a zen connection. Time is long, but the world is slow. There is a feeling, light fragrance like tea; There is a kind of life, clear as water.

Whose tea are you waiting for? The water is sweet really, the tea clear dream is good! Life is like a cup of tea, bitter as tea, sweet as tea. Name, interest, no contest, no gain. Floating life if a dream, a cup of tea to solve the annoyance! All nature, all that is free from vulgarity, and all that goes far and deep are the quietly elegant beauty of life.

As we sift through the trees, imagine how lucky we were to be a feather in the forest, to know throughout our frivolous lives that we were still on our way, that we were still ourselves.

After experiencing water and fire, life and death, a leaf becomes tea. And finally in the meeting with the water, tea only completed a life of a perfect fly. As for us, in the meeting with the tea, it is a great satisfaction to vacate the heart.

Boil water and taste tea. Whose tea are you waiting for?


 Passing autumn, passing you
21.09.2018 11:06

Through the full bloom of spring, through the scorching sun of summer; On a cool autumn road; Walking in the harvest season; The prospect of a bumper harvest is everywhere. In the face of this golden autumn, how can I not sing you an eternal hymn?

Autumn, you are so beautiful. You are like a pretty girl walking along with her beautiful autumn color. You are like a personable and successful person. You are like a holy angel, who never loses his word, but always comes as a promise. To love life and pursue the dream of people, bring infinite surprise and comfort; All the hopes that sow the spring will be fulfilled.

Autumn, you are so kind. You not only drive away the scorching heat of the burning sun, but also dispel people's anxiety and irritability. And sent a blue sky; VRF system design Sending clouds as white as waft; It was high and cool in autumn. Thou makest all things of heaven and earth extraordinarily serene and magnificent; You make the mountain high and the water long, autumn scenery, pleasant to the eye, beautiful.

Autumn, you are so persistent. You want to fade the young and fresh face, would rather have a mature full face; You want to change out of the green uniform, would rather put on the dream of gold clothing; You are determined to make the vast fields, the rivers and mountains of your country, flutter with golden brocade. The songs that make the harvest happy gather into a sea of joy that is heard in the land of the gods.

Autumn, you are so wonderful. The flaming red sorghum, up red shy face; A string of full string of beans, like swaying wind bell humming; The great corn cob glowed golden; Colorful fruits and melons, pears and peaches are fragrant in the garden. The scene of abundant grain makes the hard-working old folks, the mouth of which is not closed, high up, everywhere is the festive and auspicious harvest!

Autumn, you are so amazing. You are like a magician, gently waving, the moment will be green leaves dyed gold, like a fluttering butterfly, can not wait to spread the news of the harvest in all directions. And into the beautiful maple forest, Adrian Cheng like into the spring ten - mile peach, friendship long. The maple leaf is red, the slice sentiment is strong. Red maple leaves, like a tree hung with missing and waiting!

Autumn, you are so passionate. Walking on the road of autumn breeze, stubborn autumn grass is still smiling. The golden chrysanthemums bloom beautifully; The cold autumn moon overflows the deep feeling of missing long; Bleak autumn rain beating on the window, so that the sleepless heart, entangling several speechless melancholy............. It may be the cool autumn rain, autumn flowers and trees; The clear waters of autumn; All of autumn, the achievement of autumn distinctive and amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds.

Autumn, you are so lingering. When "a autumn rain a cold", when the cold moon, leaves, petals flying, wild geese flying in the south, care for the bag; It seems that everything in the world is telling you about the helplessness and sadness of leaving... Regretful and beautiful moment, unforgettable moment, true moved, once together time is too short. Although reluctant to leave, do not want to say goodbye, but have to wave, gradually away.

Autumn, you are so philanthropic. Never violate the promise of spring planting and autumn harvest, so that every corner of the world has the share of harvest joy; Make the hard givers enjoy the pleasure of harvest; People who pursue their dreams will be happy and embrace the happy time. You not only gave birth to all the creatures in nature, but also painted a picture of rich and colorful fruits and showed the glory of the prosperity of the motherland.

Autumn comes and flowers come and go. Walking in the autumn of the season, are we not middle-aged time? Along the way company transfer, there are happy, there are lost; There is a meeting, there is a separation; There is harvest, there is sigh...

When the bustling end, when the vicissitudes of life, if we can have a light, mature, clear, open-minded heart, will have the same bright autumn sun, gentle, quiet beauty, wise heart........... Golden autumn, eternal hymns!


 Golden camomile
21.09.2018 10:32

"Autumn sad since ancient times, I said autumn sun win the spring dynasty. A bird in the clear sky streaks up the clouds. Liu yu-tin's "autumn ci", with its greatest enthusiasm, eulogized the beauty of autumn, showing an uplifting poetic feeling. It shows the clear autumn air, clear sky, white clouds floating open scene.

However, the most attractive autumn, is in the mountain road on both sides of the unknown, unadorned chrysanthemum! In other flowers and trees began to wither and die, small and exquisite chrysanthemums in the autumn wind, quietly in full bloom! Yellow, white, like the carpet of flowers on both sides of the mountain road, the ups and downs have been spread to the end of the road. As she opened the brook, she listened to the murmuring sound of the spring, and smiled at the mountain maid who washed by the brook. She drove along the rugged mountainside, quietly guarding the path for the climbers, Shouting and cheering for the climbers. She opened in the endless wilderness, enjoy the quiet wind around, autumn wind blowing, for the pioneers lit up hope. Even under the thick forests and thorns, the chrysanthemums are showing their beauty.

I am often attracted by the cluster of chrysanthemums on the cliff: they grow in the crevice of the cliff, a huge cluster, tightly hug together. Luxuriant foliage, yellow flowers, unity up, as if a torch burning. On the cliff, in the autumn wind, burning fiercely, give people to inspire, give people strength. She did not choose the region, as long as a pinch of soil, will work hard to adapt, happy growth, full bloom! Beautiful but not luxurious, beautiful but not enchanting, regardless of the barren land, not afraid of the storm, in the autumn harvest season, explaining the value of life, blooming autumn romance............

Yes, this is the chrysanthemum. It comes to your eyes from far away, her fragrance penetrates your life, her warmth touches your heart. Yes, she is the chamomile, which is called "clearing heat and detoxifying poison" by Chinese medicine. Her temper was cold and hard; Lung, liver meridian. Chief treatment: boil; Ulcer; Erysipelas. Eczema; Dermatitis. Wind-heat cold; Sore throat; Hypertension. She has many benefits, not only for the beauty you can see, but also for the fragrance you can feel, and the warmth you can feel into your liver and lungs.

Looking at the mountain chrysanthemum in front of me, I was lost in thought: the mountain chrysanthemum is a symbol of the village teachers? They are not afraid of difficult conditions, do not ask others to understand, endure loneliness, guard the poor, silently dedication; Like this blooming chrysanthemums, blooming unique beauty, distribution of qin people's mellow fragrance, tired and happy life, struggle. The progress of children in mountain villages is their greatest wish, and parents' understanding is their greatest comfort.

The golden camomile looked like the smiling faces of the country teachers. They are happy, happy life here, work here, without any complaint, enjoy the full bloom of life wonderful.

I praise the golden chrysanthemums, I praise more like chrysanthemums of selfless dedication to the mountain village teachers.


 Circular memory
24.08.2018 09:14

The spring of recycling is much earlier than imagined. The leaves of poplar trees along the road, only a touch, from a distance, hazy not quite true. The willows flutter along the river, the light yellow goose, if there is not at present, like the clouds in the sky. The willows by the river are not as green as in years past. Chuandao wind blows whistle, can not get rid of the spring cold hanging in the branches. On the other side of the Yellow River, there are mountains, valleys, and clear water reflecting the color of the sky. A few trees in the spring and the green peaches beat up flowers, early spring steps hesitantly, the winter of decayed, still yellow, as if still have not wake up. The mountains of the Yellow River are still silent and stiff, and the wind is blowing freely along the valley. Branches reflected in the SLATE, the outline of irregular patterns, but very durable.

In the afternoon, the wind on the street, dry dust, swept away the figure, the street is empty, seems to leave the wind. At this time, I really want to call my family and ask them what you are doing, what the weather is like there, and whether there is a sandstorm. The phone is hot in the hand and finally put down. I don't know what else to say. I asked if I had dinner, or if I was busy. Put down the phone, come back to think of, felt a little bit lost, accompanied by the mood of boredom, so tide back and forth, often in those days adrift.

Imperceptibly, the shadow of the west to the twilight DC motor speed control, the street was not many people, the quiet town of hehuang, as if to sink to the bottom of the river. It rained down the street in the evening and I didn't know where to go.

After two days in xunhua, I walked around by myself, thinking that this time last year, I had a border with last spring. The roadside should be a spring flower dozen flowers, standing in the steep wind, rustling, until the peach and then came to show charming, as if summer really came.

In xunhua, there are two pleasant things: going to the nearby town temple shop, visiting the elders, listening to them with great interest to tell the place names, those old legends. The rest of the time to go to the river for a ride and sun. The clear water of the river, blue and full, through the bottom, see the bottom of the pebbles, calendar.

Lounging in the hostel, waiting for the tiredness of the heart, listening to the wind blowing out the window, pull the roadside wire. Narrow your eyes Mutroid, close your eyes, keep the dust out, turn off your music, and fall asleep.

"You love to say you are a dust, occasionally mischievous into my eyes, I would rather cry, not let I love you, you really like dust disappeared in the wind. You always bring me sand to fill your pockets, so that the sand in your hands will flow like tears, the sand from the wind will fall into your sad eyes, and the sand from the wind will pass through all your memories.

Endless night, rang the crying for love song and slow rhythm, exquisite, make public the blues flavor, like open a Pandora's box, shaking burden in the heart of the deep, deep in the heart of the world Hong Kong bookkeeping, who also don't know how deep, in the singer the deductive and the deduction of immersion, in that moment, when you meet people heart touches, oblivious to each other, a stream of warm current chung to the corner of my eye, to the bottom of the heart feeling, unexpectedly again familiar.

When I first heard "crying the sand," it was probably after a rain in March, but I didn't find it very moving. After many years, I forgot what I had thought. When I heard the familiar melody occasionally, I felt ripples like ripples in my mind. I could clearly remember the date and month of my memory, and I could overwrite them in specific places. As I thought about it, I remembered the past. Curl up on the pillow, turn your head and catch a glimpse of the moon through the window, flashing neon. The warm and cold season, hovering between the thoughts, fishing those past, like a dust through their soul, hard to release the time, sweet and bitter taste, long in the heart, to have no sleep.

Looping songs, such as coordinates floating on the river, rise and fall, disappear into the depths of the night. Night in the Yellow River, head on the flow of the river flowing waves, with a feeling of landing.



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