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 Circular memory
24.08.2018 09:14

The spring of recycling is much earlier than imagined. The leaves of poplar trees along the road, only a touch, from a distance, hazy not quite true. The willows flutter along the river, the light yellow goose, if there is not at present, like the clouds in the sky. The willows by the river are not as green as in years past. Chuandao wind blows whistle, can not get rid of the spring cold hanging in the branches. On the other side of the Yellow River, there are mountains, valleys, and clear water reflecting the color of the sky. A few trees in the spring and the green peaches beat up flowers, early spring steps hesitantly, the winter of decayed, still yellow, as if still have not wake up. The mountains of the Yellow River are still silent and stiff, and the wind is blowing freely along the valley. Branches reflected in the SLATE, the outline of irregular patterns, but very durable.

In the afternoon, the wind on the street, dry dust, swept away the figure, the street is empty, seems to leave the wind. At this time, I really want to call my family and ask them what you are doing, what the weather is like there, and whether there is a sandstorm. The phone is hot in the hand and finally put down. I don't know what else to say. I asked if I had dinner, or if I was busy. Put down the phone, come back to think of, felt a little bit lost, accompanied by the mood of boredom, so tide back and forth, often in those days adrift.

Imperceptibly, the shadow of the west to the twilight DC motor speed control, the street was not many people, the quiet town of hehuang, as if to sink to the bottom of the river. It rained down the street in the evening and I didn't know where to go.

After two days in xunhua, I walked around by myself, thinking that this time last year, I had a border with last spring. The roadside should be a spring flower dozen flowers, standing in the steep wind, rustling, until the peach and then came to show charming, as if summer really came.

In xunhua, there are two pleasant things: going to the nearby town temple shop, visiting the elders, listening to them with great interest to tell the place names, those old legends. The rest of the time to go to the river for a ride and sun. The clear water of the river, blue and full, through the bottom, see the bottom of the pebbles, calendar.

Lounging in the hostel, waiting for the tiredness of the heart, listening to the wind blowing out the window, pull the roadside wire. Narrow your eyes Mutroid, close your eyes, keep the dust out, turn off your music, and fall asleep.

"You love to say you are a dust, occasionally mischievous into my eyes, I would rather cry, not let I love you, you really like dust disappeared in the wind. You always bring me sand to fill your pockets, so that the sand in your hands will flow like tears, the sand from the wind will fall into your sad eyes, and the sand from the wind will pass through all your memories.

Endless night, rang the crying for love song and slow rhythm, exquisite, make public the blues flavor, like open a Pandora's box, shaking burden in the heart of the deep, deep in the heart of the world Hong Kong bookkeeping, who also don't know how deep, in the singer the deductive and the deduction of immersion, in that moment, when you meet people heart touches, oblivious to each other, a stream of warm current chung to the corner of my eye, to the bottom of the heart feeling, unexpectedly again familiar.

When I first heard "crying the sand," it was probably after a rain in March, but I didn't find it very moving. After many years, I forgot what I had thought. When I heard the familiar melody occasionally, I felt ripples like ripples in my mind. I could clearly remember the date and month of my memory, and I could overwrite them in specific places. As I thought about it, I remembered the past. Curl up on the pillow, turn your head and catch a glimpse of the moon through the window, flashing neon. The warm and cold season, hovering between the thoughts, fishing those past, like a dust through their soul, hard to release the time, sweet and bitter taste, long in the heart, to have no sleep.

Looping songs, such as coordinates floating on the river, rise and fall, disappear into the depths of the night. Night in the Yellow River, head on the flow of the river flowing waves, with a feeling of landing.



 Los Bares en España
24.08.2018 05:47

Los bares pueden ser considerados por otras culturas como lugares donde se puede beber alcohol ; la idea del gran número de bares en España puede ser asociada en un primer momento a que a sus habitantes les gusta emborracharse.

A los extranjeros les parecerá extraño que los españoles decidan reunirse un sábado por la noche para cenar, aún cuando no estén celebrando nada en particular, yendo a un restaurante en lugar de hacerlo más cómodamente en su casa;o que para hablar de algún tema importante decidan ir a una cafetería, tanto en temas de interrelaciones personales como laborales; o que al interrumpir su trabajo por la mañana para descansar vayan a una cafetería y beban alcohol; etc.

Pero que hay muchos tipos de bares: y que una de las cosas principales por las que los españoles van a un bar es para hablar, y hablar significa relacionarse.



 When you understand impermanence, you don't show it
19.07.2018 10:57

When you are busy and tired, it is not because of the loss of value, or because of the excessive desire. Less care, more tolerance, knowledge and satisfaction, the heart also idle. Let it be, let it be, let it go, and life will be perfect.

People have strange desires. Many times they want something, but soon they lose interest. In the hand is holding the thing that others envy obviously, but always in the hand that envies others. We long for the distant place, but the distant place is another people tired of.

Perhaps, only after experiencing the world, will we understand that what we have in front of us is really worth cherishing Sage ERP. Because: far is the scenery, near is life.

See why a person needs to be exposed; Why turn a face when you hate someone? There are always people who are not used to living, just as others are not used to us. Live, say simple in fact very simple, laugh to see gain and loss will be broad sky; The heart is transparent before spring flowers bloom. That's all there is to life.

Sometimes, life is to force oneself to be meek and humble.

When you understand the impermanence, you will not make a show of it. When you understand the impermanence, you will not be sad. When you understand the impermanence, gain, have what joy, loss, have what injury, gain and loss also only empty a flower. When you understand impermanence, everything feels normal. To truly see and look at the heart of uncertainty from time to time, to achieve true inner peace and tranquility.

There are many things that you can do without thinking about them. A lot of things, you don't want them, you get them. A lot of people, you can't just keep them. Don't take everything so seriously. The most fearful thing in life is to care about everything, but to grasp nothing firmly. The lost scenery, the people who have left, the desire not to come, all live at the end of fate. Why too persistent, should come naturally, will not stay. The best life is to let go of the preoccupation.

Life is boiling water, no matter hot or cold, as long as the right temperature, life is taste, no matter sweet or sour, bitter or spicy, as long as the right taste, is the best. Life is a melody Makeup School, no matter how fast or slow, as long as the appropriate hearing, is the best. Life is a season, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as appropriate mood, is the best.

Fish trust water so much, but water boiled fish. The leaf trusts the wind so much, but the wind blows off the leaf. The warm and cold of human heart is always changing. The familiar is strange, the unfamiliar is far away. Between man and man, all by one heart, between love and love, all by one inch. Autumn is known by falling leaves, friends by falling! Life is not easy, it is done and cherished.

It's over. It's over. Whether from the brow or from the heart, let others go, is not the favor to others, is the kindness to themselves. Facing the far away, not forgetting, the heart does not give up, but is a kind of self-torture. Learning to let go is the real release to oneself. Bless your own blessings, you will eventually find that the most beautiful life is relief.

Life needs to be zero. Every once in a while MD Senses Aqua Peel,, we should "clear away" the past and start over. Don't let the past become the burden of the present. You can only go further if you pack it lightly. The human mind is just like a container. Over time, there will inevitably be sediment in it. Delete the garbage of the heart, refresh yourself every day, so that you can regain your life.



 A smile is a culture
19.07.2018 10:41

Life doesn't owe us anything, so there's no need to be miserable all the time. Coping with life is full of gratitude, at least, it gives us life, it gives us space to live.

A smile is an attitude toward life, not necessarily related to wealth, status, or situation. A rich man may worry all day, and a poor man may be in a good mood. A person in a good situation may frown, a person in a bad situation may smile

A person's mood is affected by environment, this is very normal, but you bitter face, a pair of fierce, the situation will not have any change, on the contrary, if smile to life, that would increase in affinity, others are more willing to associate with you, the chance will be more.

Only those who have sunshine in their heart can feel the sunshine of reality. If they are always suffering from their own face, how beautiful is life? Life is always a mirror. It reflects on us. When we cry, life is crying. When we smile, life is smiling.

Smiles come from the heart, not inferiority, neither to the weak fool, nor to the strong flattery. The smile of flattery is a false smile, and the mask will not last long. Once given the opportunity, they will remove the mask and reveal their true face.

A smile has no purpose. It is the same to everyone. The more you smile to others, the more they smile to you.

Smiles come from the heart and cannot be disguised. Keep smiling and life will be better. In life, there are setbacks and failures, there are misunderstandings, that is very normal, to live a smooth road, so the first thing to clear the heart of the obstacles. The essence of a smile is love. Those who know how to love will not be mediocre.

Smile is the best card in life. Who doesn't want to make friends with an optimistic person? Smiling can give you confidence and give others confidence, so as to better stimulate their potential.

A smile is the best language between friends, a naturally smile, is better than thousands of words, either first met or acquaintance long already, smile can close the distance between people, the other to each other feel warm.

Smile is a kind of cultivation, and is a very important cultivation, the essence of smile is kind, is encouragement, is warm. People who really know how to smile are always more likely to get more chances than others and always more likely to succeed.


 When you want to cry
25.05.2018 06:55

Many people think that crying is a shameful thing, especially men, they even in the most sad, is also better to grind teeth, clenched, vomiting, faint, risk their lives, one thousand to searching method, always refused to let tears flick.
In fact, the reason why people are different from animals, can cry is one of them, if you feel uncomfortable in your heart, do not take tears for shame, please make good use of your natural resources, can cry and cry!

According to the study of physicians: cry not only good for your health, and can eliminate all ills, when your heart traumatized, a to cry, will be able to make your spirit to clarify thoroughly, emotion for full vent.

At this point, if you force yourself to restrain yourself, it only means that you are not naturally strong and that your relationship has been disappointed.

In you should open the natural insurance piston - cry - but not open, and increase your blood pressure will be enough, digestive disorders, nervous disease such as the weak will follow, it is against nature, you deserve it.

Crying is a higher function in the brain hong kong Company Formation, and like speech, theory, and all other human functions, it is the product of human growth. The first child cries without tears, the idiot never tears, this is because their tear glands are not fully developed, only fully developed "senior person", can have this instinct.

So when you want to cry, don't care what the reason is, even if it's a good time to cry, let the accumulated nerves of sadness, anger and tension vent.

Today, although men do not dare to openly point out that crying is a good thing for women, but crying is often a good way for women to vent their feelings.

Believe it or not, listen to them: "today is a bad day. I'm tired of everything. Indeed, crying soothed their nerves.

In the dull routine of everyday life, petty difficulties and irritating little problems are what we cannot prevent and avoid, and that is why we suffer.

And the way women get through it, the cry is a way to soothe their heavy nerves. Men are so stingy with their tears that they have to be killed in a sudden storm.

With general doctors also said: "tears in alkali, has strong sterilization force, can put the nose, nasal membrane, the naked eye cannot see cold bacteria to kill, it is a panacea for the treatment of colds."

They even thought, "the best cure for a cold is to see two tragic movies. In fact, most people agree.

Them than on any other occasions in the cinema more easily shed tears, because the average person in the dark, less inhibited, thus eliminated was found in his emotion of fear, if in broad daylight, people will be because of the shame, barely suppress himself."

It is a very strange, but also very true fact that most people, whenever they think about their childhood, no matter whether they were happy or not register a company in HK, are easily moved to tears.

Songs from childhood are also a powerful cause of tears. Many people get a lump in their throat as soon as they hear the familiar tunes of their childhood.

The tears are often caused by the subconscious mind as a result, if you find yourself to cry, but don't know "why", you can go to find you sad those associations, it often is this a can't suppress the cause of sorrow.

Even men who are not easily moved will pull out handkerchiefs to wipe away tears from a film.

Women suffer for the other woman, more easier to tears, whether it is a book, a movie, a play, or a radio novels, they are all for the heart-broken, psychologists call this "sorry" to vent.

Whether they feel it or not, in fact, they have thought of the heroine's suffering as their own unhappy story.

At this point, perhaps some strong women will say: they never shed tears.

This is really big problem, for some relatively shallow or temporary annoyance, you may have the capacity for you to control your emotions, or when other people see, you not to cry as a way to vent emotions.

But when you're alone, or when you're in a real human tragedy, you may not be able to hold back the tears.

Maybe you still have to insist: "I really have no reason to cry!" Let's put your reasons aside and look at the psychologists' arguments first.

According to a study by psychologists, there is one thing that makes you cry every 21 days.

Psychologists have tested hundreds of college students, men and women get three hundred and seven reasons to cry, one of the most common reason is fatigue, said three-quarters of the female students, no matter in any situation, if you want to cry, tears are also couldn't help anyway.

From the experiment, we also know that if you don't cry when you should or should, your body will be affected incorporate hong kong company.

Reason is that in the emotional impulsiveness, if a tear, will cry on behalf of the other organs in the body, so that destruction of tender lachrymal balance, and inhibited pathetique, anger, or other stimulus, will cause strong chemical change, make nerve damage, inner body at bo.

Therefore, when you encounter emotional trauma, the best thing to do is go to see a sad movie, you a person to see, is likely to feel a little lonely, and dark can relax you more self control, allowing you to cry, sufficiently to obtain the effect of the vent.

Crying means the worst is over. There are no tears in the early stages of grief, and they do not flow until you have regained your vigor. Tears have softened your situation.

When you walk out of the theater, your face may not look so good, your eyes are a little red, but your heart is much more comfortable.


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