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 Osmanthus fragrance
04.12.2018 08:23

Midautumn early morning, like autumn river water as clear, fresh. That day, the morning of the bright dawn, I ride a bicycle, walking on the way to work unit. Suddenly, a burst of sweet - scented osmanthus fragrances, qinrenxinpi. Ah, here are the sweet-scented osmanthus trees growing on both sides of the street. At this time, it is the season of blossoming osmanthus fragrans, see heap of green piled up in the green, embellished with a cluster of rice yellow flowers. It is so simple and elegant, so generous, so full of vitality, you can't help but look at it, especially its strong fragrance, almost every air molecules, smoked me to be drunk, make me feel refreshed.

Osmanthus blossoms bloom everywhere in August. I live and work in this southern city, I love osmanthus flowers. In my family's balcony, I also like to plant a few osmanthus trees. Osmanthus blossoms season, I stand in the balcony, watching a small osmanthus flowers, quietly smelling its fragrance. A gust of wind blew, and the sweet - scented osmanthus twig shook gently, as if to nod to greet me. My southern city, landscaping, roadside streets trademark hk, community greening, family courtyard, almost all widely planted a large number of osmanthus trees. The main varieties are golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, red osmanthus, etc. Midautumn, this is the time when the osmanthus flowers bloom, it always seems like a promise, as expected. That cluster, a string of golden osmanthus flowers, seems to understand people's expectations, in the autumn sun, a variety of osmanthus flowers in a race open, unsparing to people in full bloom, lovable, known as "leaf density thousands of green, yellow flowers." That sweet - scented osmanthus sending out attractive fragrance, floating sky. The star-studded flowers were like gold and silver. The color of osmanthus is colorful, chrysanthemum yellow is called red laurel, light yellow is called golden laurel, white is called silver laurel. Golden osmanthus dark yellow if gold, silver osmanthus white as jade, red osmanthus orange like fire. Every golden autumn season, flowers full of branches, fragrance overflowing. The fragrance, the leaf and the color appear in the green leaves, not like peonies. This makes me feel the beauty of the golden autumn that "flowers bloom a million, only fragrant in the evening".

Osmanthus land, osmanthus flower fragrance. Guangxi is known as "bayi earth". It is said that: 214 BC, qin shi huang unified the lingnan, the establishment of guilin county, covering most areas of guangxi, hence the abbreviation "GUI". The original point eight laurel tree, laurel and become a forest, word its big, two yu its cluster. Osmanthus fragrans is the province of guangxi! Today, the various osmanthus trees planted all over guangxi, the asas osmanthus trees stand proudly, a gust of wind blowing, swaying in the wind abbott Pediasure. Sweet-scented osmanthus season, osmanthus as the golden butterfly, and as if silver ribbon, touching down on the ground, like a layer of gold dust.

The long culture of osmanthus fragrans. According to written records, osmanthus fragrans has a history of more than 2500 years of cultivation in China. As early as the spring and autumn period and warring states period, << shan hai jing >> mentions: "the ostentatious mountain, its many GUI." Tang dynasty poet wang weishi said: "when the sweet-scented osmanthus falls, the night is still and the spring mountain is empty. The moon startles the birds of the mountain, while singing in the spring stream master of computer science hong kong." Song dynasty poet zhu xi poem said: "tingting rock under the guangxi, alone fragrant in the evening. The leaves are thousands of green, and the flowers are ten thousand yellow. Song dynasty poet Yang wanli described the sweet osmanthus flowers: "not human species, move from the moon, a little cold, blowing full mountain red." The sweet fragrance of osmanthus fragrances is not like that of human beings, but rather like the fragrance of osmanthus trees in the moon's broad cold palace, which blew out flowers all over the mountains. Li qing, a poetess in the song dynasty, said, "pale and light luteal, distant and distant. It doesn't have to be light green or deep red. This combination of form and spirit, wrote the sweet osmanthus unique charm, color light fragrance thick, trace far high. She pushed osmanthus as "the first class in flowers", thus it can be seen that the lyricist's evaluation of osmanthus is high, and the contents are lyrical.

The efficacy of osmanthus fragrans. Light yellow white, aromatic, aromatic oil extracted, made into osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, cakes, candies, and wine. Osmanthus wine, the ancients thought: osmanthus as the long medicine, with the osmanthus brewing wine, can achieve the drink [longevity thousand years] effect. In the han dynasty, osmanthus wine was used by people to worship god and worship their ancestors. After the sacrifice, the younger generation honored the elders with osmanthus wine. After the elders drank it, the symbol would prolong life.

Laurel green leaves evergreen, graceful, and do not compete with the spring flowers, but incense crowns. Autumn, sweet osmanthus flower fragrance!


 Miss autumn
04.12.2018 08:21

Time flies, I have not time to praise autumn, autumn has gone away.

The more you like it, the faster it goes. The more you hate it, the more it will come. Thus winter came carelessly.

Now, it is the beginning of winter, but I miss autumn.

Throughout the year, only cho can be a confidant. She knows my temperature and temperament well.

The autumn is crisp. The temperature of autumn is most suitable for the body and skin, neither cold nor hot, neither cold nor hot; Autumn humidity in the most appropriate breath, drought and flood, not humid and not dry. So when you experienced the fat of winter, the steep of spring, got rid of the sweat stains of summer, into the bosom of autumn when, do not you feel relaxed and happy? Don't you feel more comfortable?

Autumn wind style, delicate and pure. Beautiful long hair only in the autumn wind most charming, elegant and neat, leap and the dust. If you block the train of thought, blowing the autumn wind, may suddenly open, if you feel upset, blowing the autumn wind, may be a moment of relief.

Autumn rain, moist and frank. She never bluffed or made mud in a thunderstorm. She is always as soft as hair and as soft as velvet. She always drips gently into your heart and comforts your heart.

The autumn moon is clear, vivid and considerate. Under the autumn moon, the leaves and flowers seemed to have eyes, and the brook began to murmur and sing. Under the autumn moon, most suitable for poets to drink, most suitable for huaiyuan homesick. Autumn is the most spiritual, the most able to relieve depression.

Autumn is the most brilliant, gorgeous. Gingko golden, maple red, pine and cypress green, chrysanthemum brilliant. Blend in between, do not forget me also no good!

Autumn is more like a mother, gentle and considerate, kind and friendly, give you care, give you encouragement. With the support of autumn, I can not fear the wind and sand in spring, the hot summer, the cold winter.


 The beauty of the fallen leaves
15.11.2018 04:58

Leaves have never been so beautiful.

In the height of summer, they fell from the tall camphor trees, and fell on the wide boulevards below, covering a great floor. They differ in color and shape; Some are a little dry, some fresh and beautiful; Some are green with a variety of spots, and some are yellow and oily bright. Camphor trees also mixed with a few red plum, the small amount of leaves also mixed together, so that the colorful leaves more beautiful.

Every leaf is different in size and color. Some are heart, some sail, some slender, some oval, some like the palm of the doll, some like the palm of the round; Different colors: green, light green, light green, khaki, turmeric, yellow, pink, orange, deep red, purple, rust red All have; On a leaf there are often different color spots, irregular distribution, different colors you have me I have you. Even the two sides of the same leaf are very different, the oil on the front is luminous, and the back is covered with a light grey white.

The long broad avenue was black with black asphalt, and the dense layers of fallen leaves made it look like a thick carpet of small flowers. The leaves, which are irregular, look very soft. That mottled color is like a huge painting, standing on the road, before and after a glance around the abstract painting.

Go to work and get off work, come and go back Sage, everyday don't know how many walk in this camphor avenue, in succession the fallen leaves that float have almost every day, but also have never found they are so beautiful.

In the spring, it rained one night, got up early and went out.

Full of leaves, color mottled, clear and evenly spread on the broad asphalt road. Each piece is spotless, colorful, gorgeous, gorgeous, rich and gorgeous. In the spring rain, every leaf on the trees glowed and the asphalt road glowed black. With the green tiles on the white walls around, the car covered with the cover, and the fragrant flowers and plants far and near, it was so watery, so clean and neat. It was a bright picture in every way.

All the leaves are full of water, on the ground, full of energy, let the wind and rain, but determined not to move, all look up to look like there are expectations; There is no light wind blowing on sunny days, nor the slightest dreariness of autumn leaves. At first you didn't think it was a leaf at all. You thought it was a beautiful and intricate flower, a flower that had fallen on the ground. Almost all the leaves were folded on the ground, and the petiole and tip of the leaves had their heads turned up, and the midriff was raised, and the long handle was raised high. The asphalt road in the rain has become a river, the river surface of various small boat racing........ Some walked under the trees with umbrellas and some with bare heads, all of them were in a hurry, stepping on the colorful leaves like petals, turning a blind eye to such beautiful leaves.

It was from this day that I discovered the beauty of falling leaves. Sunny days have the beauty of sunny days, rainy days have the beauty of rainy days; The beauty of landing and flying; There is a dense beauty, a sparse beauty..

The ancients clouds fall in profusion, leaf is not the same profusion?

In the twilight of the morning, walk in the camphor avenue, both sides of the tall camphor trees in the air closed, as people into the tunnel. Camphor tree evergreen four seasons, the four seasons are also falling leaves. As the breeze blows, leaves fall in the wind, like butterflies, like petals, like feathers, like notes. The wind with the fragrance of camphor trees, the elegant singing, always a bird's figure from time to time in the dense branches and leaves flash. The breeze is a little bigger, and the leaves on the ground are blowing. I dance and cry. The moon is sparsely scattered, the earth is quiet, the moonlight like water through the dense camphor tree branches and leaves, there are always many leaves in such a night can not bear to sleep, from the tree, accompanied by moonlight dancing. They were so light and soft, they fell silently on the faces and shoulders of passers-by.

In the four seasons of the year, on the evening of the moon, walking on this camphor road, reciting Richard clayderman's "whisper of autumn", there is often a kind of dizziness that I do not know where I am, and I do not know what I am doing.

Even if only a tree, its leaves are so beautiful.

Home village there is a ginkgo tree, more than 500 years of age, lush leaves, no friends employer tax hk. Autumn October, far see, the tree under a golden tree. Every leaf is like the precious fan from the princess's mouth, and it is just made of pure gold. The whole tree is covered with numerous small golden treasures fan, around the tree divergence; There are numerous golden fan trees, more golden fan in the wind blowing down.

Standing under the tree, the autumn wind blowing, under the tree, all the sky is the kind of golden leaves, as if people are in the yao pool fairyland..

Whenever and wherever you pick up a leaf, you will find that every leaf is a miniature of a tree. Petiole, leaf stem, vein, leaf blade... They come together in an orderly fashion, emanating from the petiole up to the level of a tree. It's a leaf, it's a work of art -- a masterpiece of nature, so subtle, so wonderful. Watching watching, your mind unconsciously will wander thousands of miles, floating to nine days outside.

I like to see the fallen leaves in the mountain stream. They are graceful and graceful, falling on the water. With the stream winding, flowing, singing and dancing all the way. The grass on the shore likes them, too, catching them from time to time, pulling them, and wanting to leave them behind; The stone algae in the creek also pulled it again and again, the enthusiasm to retain it. At last he was tired and tired and lay still under the water. The water still loved him, and ran over his face, trying to pull him up and take him out to see the sea. But the little fishes and shrimps in the bottom loved him too, and danced about him, carrying fine grains of sand, and burying his feet, and letting him stay with them. It also likes the blue sky, white clouds and green hills of the brook, so, it stayed, never left. However, there are always some naughty leaves, full of curiosity, they along the way singing along with the water, hoping to see what the sea looks like.

Falling red is not a heartless thing.

The roots of the fallen leaves nourish the trees and the flowers and plants under them, as well as the little creatures that feed on the fallen leaves. The fallen leaves below deck the ground, and the poet's dream; The falling leaves, such as poems, dances and songs, such as music, make the painters swoon and the musicians swoon and create intoxicating works of art.

Who can say the leaves are relentless?

Leaves fall in the mountains, or on the ground. When the wind stops blowing it, when the water no longer carries it, it stops, whether it is a ditch, a cesspool, an ocean, a stream, a mountain, a plain, a roof, a grass, a mansion for dignitaries, a courtyard for the common people It does not pick and pick, does not complain, is always on the go; It knows that wherever is the earth, is the soil, is its destination. It knows that the root nurtures it, and the root is rooted in the earth. It is not enough to return to the soil, soil is its final destination.

Then, leaves calmly, laughing to fate arrangement; No pick, no pick, no complaint, no matter in any corner of the earth, always quietly melting themselves and the earth.

Swallows may have gone, but they will come again. When the willows are withered, they will bloom again. The peach blossoms fade, and they will bloom again. But, you the wise, tell me master of japanese studies hong kong, why should our days leave us, never to return? If they had been stolen by someone, who could it be? And where? If they had made the escape themselves, then where could they stay at the moment?

I don't know how many days they gave me; But I do feel my hands are getting empty. Counting up silently, I find that more than 8000 days have already slipped away from me. Like a drop of water from the point of a needle disappearing into the ocean, my days are dripping into the stream of time, soundless, traceless. Already sweat is starting on my forehead, and tears welling up in my eyes.

Those who have gone have gone, those who have come have again. And how in the midst of coming and going is it hurried? When I got up in the morning, the slanting sun was shining in my cabin in two or three places. The sun has feet, he moved softly and quietly; I am also blankly following the spin. Thus -- the day flows away through the sink when I wash my hands. When you eat, the days pass away. When silent, pass away from before the fixed eyes. I can feel his haste now, so I reach out my hands to hold him back, but he keeps flowing past my withholding hands. In the evening, as I lie in bed, he strides over my body, glides past my feet, in his agile way. By the time I open my eyes and meet the sun again, another day has passed. I sighed over my face. But the new day begins to flash past in the sigh.


 Reading sweet-scented osmanthus leaves one drunk
15.11.2018 04:23

The author's exquisite description of the fragrance of osmanthus fragrans makes people feel personally in their situation. Strolling in osmanthus forest, smelling osmanthus fragrances, enjoying fairyland on earth, watching, tasting, thinking, unconsciously, I was really drunk.

Fine article, family began to adopt a Po antagonism fresh osmanthus, several places osmanthus wines. It is made into delicious osmanthus rice, osmanthus cake and osmanthus cake, so that families can be satisfied with their food, and friends and relatives can drink to their heart's content. "Osmanthus flower fragrance from drunk" full of positive energy. The father to the son's tireless teaching, the motherly household has the square hard, the writing tip has light has heavy, the plot has shallow has the depth, is really a rare good article.

The sweet-scented osmanthus is the prosperity of the country, the harmony of the society and the happiness of every family... Osmanthus fragrances invigorate the heart, lift the breath and lift the spirit. This is never sublimated drunk, drunk beauty, drunk spirit!


 Don't listen to new songs for years
22.10.2018 09:08

Do not listen to new songs for many years, probably have an old than the heart of cultural relics.

Now people mistake one rhyme exactly as the model of Chinese style serviced apartment hk, and hard life for the rhyme to fill the word, for the rhyme hurt the meaning. Even if everything is smooth and stable, always lack of magnanimity or tenderness or zen. Entertainment, then too entertainment, all as it does not become the name of the light after sing low, since it does not reach the great hall, it is better to simply seek a bad street - there are many streets, are all those strange things rotten.

Can not help but like the old song, but also can not help but like the old song represents the incomparable beautiful youth.

The words say that year: xu xiaofeng downstream flow and reverse flow converges into the bottom of the ocean current; Tan wing - Lin is also a greasy face singing a little afraid of the handsome young; Chen baiqiang thinks what he wants in life. Zhang guorong is a different flower with no intention to show tenderness. Zhang yusheng is fresh and fresh as a poem and bright as a tourist goose master of materials science hong kong; Grasshoppers formed an alliance of lovelorn fronts; Qi qin cried out to the outside world.

Hearing the book of qi yu and his wife, we turned it out again virtual office in hong kong. The three little boys in the tiger team were so young that we started the class ball in green apple park.

Zhang xinzhe has abnormal treble; Yuke li Lin is still admitting his mistake; Zhou hua-jian is healthy and clear. Zhang yu always pulled her collar with good intentions. "June" by Chen sheng. When we were divided into classes in high school, we began to sing. Lonely luo da you is the boon of creation...

It was an era of saving pocket money to buy a 9.8-yuan tape that could turn a lyrics over and over as a story; It was a time of pop songs in a walkman, accompanied by math problems and nightly study sessions. It was a young age when we pasted their faces to the pencil box.

I believe that many people think of the youth, not only about a person and an event, a word and a first song, but also about the good memories of the past, about their own pity and miss.

Yeah, who's never young?

In their late teens and early teens, it's common for boys to sing love songs under a girl's dorm building in a denim jacket and guitar, and for girls to slip into their journal the most poignant words they can say to a guy. At that time, I was most fond of "childhood", the first group dance in high school.



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